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Custom Laser Cut Cards - BeautyCards

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We have partnered with BeautyCards to offer our laser cutting services to their clients.

Designers focus on what they do best, design, and we handle creating and shipping those designs to you.

Through our service, we aid designers and brides to make their dreams come true.

Each partner has been hand-picked to make sure we can produce their templates for you.

We will laser cut the file with your chosen options and ship them to you, anywhere in the world. 

Order Process

Please upload the file purchased from  BeautyCards  in the upload file box above.

We do not make any modifications to the file. Please message us if you would like to make an amendment to the file for an additional cost.




Once we have your files and options, we will begin production. Estimated time for production is 10-15 working days. Shipping around 5 working days, depending on the country.


The cards come in a cardboard box with bubble wrap for the card pack.

Each pack contains the flat laser cut covers.

If you have any questions or remarks, don't hesitate to email us at