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Gold Invite Plane Luxury Passport Wedding Invitation Plane Engraved, Gold Foil Boarding Pass, Wedding Abroad, Destination Wedding, Travel

£6.00 GBP


Passport Wedding Invitation Set in Champagne

Perfect for anyone who wants to invite their guests to an extraordinary event abroad. The gold foil finished crest is included in the price, printed on high quality paper + Photo Page + Matching Envelope.


Gold Foil Crest + Personalised print
Gold Plexi Plane with Engraved Date or Monogram
Full assembly as shown in the photographs,
Day Invitation insert printed in colored inks,
8 Page Passport: 6 Printed Sides Inside as per images
Foiling of the Passport cover with rounded edges
Ticket style RSVP printed in color inks with tear off end
White metallic envelope - self adhesive
Items: Day Invitation (Passport) + RSVP (Boarding pass) + Ribbon Tie + Envelope

Card size: DL format;
Passport: White Metallic 8.26 x 6.10 in (unfolded); 250 gsm
Boarding Pass (RSVP): White Metallic 8.26 x 4.13 in; 250 gsm
Envelope: White Metallic DL 140 gsm
Ribbon: 0.23 in wide

Minimum order quantity: 30.

Our samples are not customizable!

If you want a different quantity than available in the selection, please send us a message.


Within 2-3 working days of payment, you will receive a digital proof to your email address for your approval, with 3 complimentary rounds of revisions are included with your package and we’ll spend as much time necessary working with you to perfect your invitations.

Only once you give your approval can we produce your items.


We always recommend ordering a slightly larger amount of invitations than needed to allow for mistakes when printing invitations, or for guests you may have overlooked.


Due to the specific nature of the product we recommend sending them using the Hand-Cancelling system. Hand-canceling is when each stamp on your envelope is marked (or "canceled") using a hand stamp instead of by a machine. Hand-canceling cards prevents stuffed envelopes from being torn or plexiglass broken by the post office's machine.

Please contact us if you have any questions.